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Wealth Management

Cynthia works with clients to provide true wealth management, which is simply holistic financial planning combined with investment management. We will start with your most important goals or concerns and then take time to address the other areas of wealth management, wealth enhancement, asset protection, wealth transfer and charitable giving.

Implementation Plan and Follow Up

An initial implementation plan will be set up for you based on your goals. We will continue to follow up with you on the action items that remain on your plan through completion or change of a plan or goal. If new items are added to your implementation plan along the way, we will follow up with you to make sure those items are finalized as well.

Working Plan with Goal Analysis

This will be your road map to financial independence. We will update your working financial plan annually to ensure that you are on track to meet the goals that are most important to you.

Progress Reports

We will deliver a quarterly progress report to you. This simple summary of your assets is designed to show you the progress you are making benchmarked against the goals you have set for yourself.

Tax Review

In the last quarter of the year, we will review your current portfolio situation and look for opportunities to minimize the tax impact for the year. If you authorize, we will coordinate with your CPA as well.


At the end of Quarter 4, we will review your portfolio and rebalance to your target asset allocation. For clients who make withdrawals and/or additions to their portfolio during the year, we will use this opportunity to rebalance as well. This is a strategy institutions have used for years to reduce volatility and improve returns.

Financial Planning

We offer stand-alone financial planning services for those just wanting a second opinion or a financial check-up to see where they are compared to where they want to be.

Retirement Plan Analysis for Business Owners

We offer this service for business owners. We will review your business structure and employees to let you know what types of retirement plans are available to you and which plans make the most sense.

Cash and Debt Management

We offer “Best Use of Funds” analysis, where we discuss your financial needs to make sure you have the structure in place to meet your income needs as well as review any major changes to your lifestyle. (These changes could include purchase of a home, car, refinance, sale of a business, purchase of a business, changes in health insurance, opportunities or emergencies of any kind.)

Our Clients


We assist individuals or couples who are going through a transition. This includes retirement, inheritance, settlement, marriage, divorce, death, change of occupation, or sale of a business.

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